* The risen Lord taught His close followers for 40 days about the New Life [Kingdom] He has created for them in the world and then their response in verse 6!!  Please think very carefully; use your imagination – why did they respond this way? How are you included in their responses?

 * But Jesus clearly told them: You are totally out of line with your questions, but you will receive power. How do you understand this power?  Listen again carefully in which context is He saying this and how is it affecting them personally?   And you?

 * How do you understand it to be a witness in Jerusalem, Judea and to the ends of the world?

 * How does Jesus’ Ascension fit into His ‘power-answer’ in verse 8?

 * What else touched your heart and mind in the Ascension-story of Luke?


 * Ask the Lord for discernment to hear Him speaking to you personally in these God-stories?

 * Thank the Lord for opening your heart and ears for what His power really means to you?


* Thank God that His power changes you into a witness of Him who changes the whole world in and around you/us?

 * Thank Him that He made all of this possible in Jesus’ ascension. Celebrate it by praying Ps 47 and Ps 93 over and over?

 * Repent:  Your lust to build your own little ‘kingdom’ with the wrong power of the world. Your reluctance to be a witness of God’s “power-salvation” for everyone, all the time depending on His power!



 * Put into practice; do not hesitate to witness to everyone as Jesus commanded his followers to do. Peter the traitor did it; Paul the killer did it, remember?

 * Discuss with your friends or family how God will take you to be a witness for Him?



 Share the story of Jesus’ Ascension with your children, Tell them how it is just as important as Christmas and Easter and how important it is in your own life?

  6-11 May  2013

Conversation with Karlien Geldenhuis

“Karlien Geldenhuis in Livingstone is a straight forward person. I learn to know her this way. She is a modern young woman. She is for sure a follower of Christ. Life matters to her. She is in the media world; photography etc. And she has a sharper view on things than the average and enjoys her work. 

I want to know if the Weekly Guidelines sent out every week to help all of us to hear God’s voice from His Word perhaps more clearly, is helpful or not. Without hesitation she said: “Our small-group is not functioning well. We will talk about it again and see what we can do. But as for me the Guidelines, are not really helpful”.  Her answer is short and sweet. It is good and helpful to have parishioners like Karlien! 

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