Fakulteit Teologie

The Faculty of Theology of Stellenbosch University is offering a three-year scholarship for prospective doctoral students who wish to specialise in New Testament studies. The continuation of the scholarship of R15 000 per year, is subject to satisfactory progress in the first year. Preference will be given to applicants planning an exegetical study of the Synoptic Gospels or a critical study of the work of any contemporary New Testament scholar.

For admission to the PhD program in New Testament applicants should have Greek III or an equivalent qualification and a relevant master’s degree. Apply for doctoral studies at Stellenbosch University online at www.maties.com by 30 November 2012. To be considered for the scholarship, submit a complete CV and a one page outline of the focus of the proposed study to Dr Marius Nel at mjnel@sun.ac.za, also by 30 November 2012. Please attach a complete academic record and copies of degree certificates.

Enquiries: Dr Marius Nel, tel 021 808 9233, email mjnel@sun.ac.za