This new book, written in a lively, non-technical style by biblical
theologian Tom Wright, is an ideal introduction for anyone approaching
the subject of the “historical Jesus” for the first time.

In The Original Jesus Wright focuses on key stages in Jesus’ life
and on key elements of his teaching. In the process, Wright presents a
vivid reconstruction of what Jesus himself was aiming to achieve and
how the movement he began can best be understood in relation to the
turbulent politics and fervent aspirations of his day. Wright also
looks at the way we interpret the different Gospel narratives about
Jesus, showing how modern readers coming fresh to these texts can do so
in an informed and discriminating way.

Based on rigorous historical research and featuring numerous
full-color illustrations as well as short, clear chapters, The Original
Jesus offers compelling insight into what Jesus really stood for, why
he was crucified, and how it was that his followers came to regard him
as nothing less than the human face of God.