the witness of preachingThomas G. Long

WJK.  2005
ISBN-13: 9780664229436

Thomas G. Long’s The Witness of Preaching has become the standard text in preaching classes. In this revision, Long has expanded the key chapter on biblical exegesis, incorporating many additional examples of textual interpretation, and has included more examples of sermon forms, illustrations, and conclusions. He critically engages the best thinkers, bringing into the conversation both important new voices and the latest work of those who appeared in the first edition. In addition, he addresses some of the new forces at work, such as the use of video clips and PowerPoint in sermons.” As in the first edition, Long allows the theological image of bearing witness to the gospel to govern and organize every aspect of the process of creating a sermon – from the interpretation of a biblical text to the oral delivery of the sermon. Long’s wisdom and advice will be of continuing value to both seminary students and the veteran preacher.