Winterskool 2017

Lesings en uitdeelstukke

Winter School 2017

Papers & Presentations


Here are the links to a few of the papers presented at the Winter School:

Spirituality and Transforming Worship – Dr Bruce Theron
Spirituality and Transforming Worship? Individual and collective experiences of Jesus’ presence (and absence) in John’s Gospel –  Elna Mouton
The handout for Prof Elna Mouton’s session: Handout_Elna Mouton
Gender, Church, Society and Us: From deformation to affirmation  and reformation  – Olojede Funlola
We the people of South Africa. . . Adopt this Constitution so as to . . . Improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person –  Judge Majiedt
Ministry that informs and Transforms – Dr JFMarais
Breaking the leadership mould in South Africa – Magda Fourie-Malherbe
Rev Dr Leon Klein did not have notes or a paper on his session “Developing a pastoral care system in congregations” but his book, Centres of Healing, on which his presentation was based can be ordered directly from them. Please contact us for more information.