Winter School


The Winter School of 2017, hosted by the Faculty of Theology of the Stellenbosch University, in collaboration with Communitas, Ekklesia and the Beyers Naudé Centre has come to an end.
The 3 main themes and key note speakers were:

  • Reforming Society: Judge Steven Majiedt, Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Reforming the Church: Dr Ishmael Noko, President of the Inter-faith Action for Peace in Africa
  • Reforming Ourselves: Dr Magaret Blackie, Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science, Stellenbosch University

The photo’s, quotes and video clips here and the larger ones on YouTube (see links below) will tell you the story…

Scroll way down to below to see the group photos of each day’s presenters!

Winter School Stellenbosch University 2017.
Prof. Elna Mouton opening in prayer on 14 June
Rev Nobuntu Penxa Matholeni leading the devotion on The Vulnerable God and femicide – Jeremiah 9
Prof MA Plaatjies van Huffel introducing the keynote speaker of 14 June, Judge Steven Majiedt, speaking on the Constitution, human dignity and equality
Judge Steven Majiedt says, “In court where I sit, I look down on all in court. But now I look up to the church. The church must teach and lead in order to reclaim the spirit of Ubuntu in order to create an equal, just and caring society.”
Dr Bruce Theron introducing the keynote speaker, Dr. Margaret Blackie. Topic: Willpower can’t get us where we need to go.
Prof. Anita Cloete organised Winter School 2017. Giving thanks. Thank you Anita for this week  (Stephen Snyman)
Coffe, tea, snacks and lively conversation

Buying books at the book sale

Finding the right sessions and the right lecture rooms were sometime a bit of a challenge …

Waiting for the sheep ‘spit-braai’ while stretching the legs at the end of a day full of inspiring and challenging lectures and discussions

Enjoying sherry, braaied wors and getting to know a new friend
and these spaces will hopefully be filled when someone send us some photos of the foooood …
… the meat, and salads… and a very delightful  and sinful sweet potato dish!

Here are the group photos of all the speakers and presenters of main as well as parallel sessions:

13  June

Day 2
14  June

Day 3
15 June

A few quotes copied from Facebook – thank you for posting your thoughts and impressions, and please contact us if you have a problem with us for using your words!To accept a continuing process of death and resurrection of the image I have of God and the image I have of myself
Clinging to the existing will ultimately paralyze us, trapped in the past. We cannot dream about the journey, we need to strap up our boots, pick up our packs and WALK!!!  (Stephen Snyman )”Fellowship and worship is for us an inexhaustible wellspring of strength.” Prof Elna Mouton
“As I sit here in the Winter School being refreshed by the teachings and discourses, one of my realizations that I want share with you my friend:
With regard to South Africa, I become aware of a weeping God, a weeping nation. A disrupted nation. Loss of morals and ethics in ruin. The saddest part is that we have nothing to return to, nothing to fall back on, therefore restitution is a term not applicable. But it may be just here that our hope can sprout, out of this chaos that we can create a new South African order, move out of this interregnum into a real and apartheid-less South Africa. In order to do this we will have to orientate ourselves, allow ourselves to become disorientated in becoming, be courageous and help each other to re-orientate our reality.” (Stephen Snyman, June 14 at 2:30pm)
The gem I will take away from this Winter School is this – ‘We are not working for reconciliation in South Africa, our work is to get to know another as human beings for the first time’ (Margaret Blackie, June 14 at 4:13pm )
And so the Ekklesia, Beyers Naude centre and the Faculty of Theology Winter School 2017 has come to an end. And on such a high note Dr Mags Blackie reminds us to: “Pray for grace to desire the grace of God to desire to live in the fulness of the grace of God.” (Bruce Theron)
So I pray that living in the fullness of Gods grace will bring healing to the hurting, peace to live fully in the presence of His grace !! (Carol Cloete-Piedt)


Videoclips on YouTube:
A short clip of the praise and worship session of 14 June  – https://youtu.be/YH2-otafs0Y
Praise and worship Day  3 – 15 June – https://youtu.be/kCTrZH-RbK4
Devotion Day 3 – Dr Katts – https://youtu.be/dyFrr_dG5rw
Thank you and closing 15 June – https://youtu.be/5L4tgmp2XDg
Closing prayer 15 June – https://youtu.be/UTDsZQLxqYQ