Vision for Embodiment:

To listen to God’s specific call to us, to let God send us and, through the Holy Spirit, empower us to participate in God’s mission in the world, so that both our outreach and our life together as a church are a witness to Jesus Christ.

How does this realize in practice?

The Partnership for Missional Churches facilitates a diversity of denominational Churches in Southern-Africa to live according to God’s call, to be sent in everything they are and do – in their total life and work. ‘In their homes, across the street, to the whole world!’

We learn together with Churches what it is to cross invisible barriers (personal, societal, class, economic and cultural.

We help Churches to discover God’s missional calling (as being sent in every moment and situation to share God’s peace, reconciliation and healing to the world).

We help Churches to make a culture shift from doing maintenance of its ministries to being a missional Church. Churches in rural and city settings learn to discern the signs of the times, to see that their ecclesiological and ministries functions within a ‘Christiandom’ paradigm, while the entire society is increasingly being characterized by a ‘post-modern’ culture.

We help Churches to faithfully discern this post-modern reality with hope through a missional faith.

We build the ministerial capacity of ministers and members with innovating programmes and processes. Churhes are organized within a Cluster of congregations where reciprocal learning and growth takes place.

We believe that it is God who is calling us to live and work as a missional church ; – people for God’s preferred future for this world.