What with all the talk at the moment about the debt crises in Europe and the threat of another recession the West, I was buoyed by the task of reminding myself of the good news in South Africa from this year and I hope that you are too. I am sure that you can find many other stories on SA – the Good News that would easily make it into your own top 10 list, but I hope that you enjoy these none the less.

My thanks go to all of you for your support during 2011, please keep sending your stories into us next year, have an excellent holiday period and please drive safely! On behalf of the all of us at SA – the Good News, we wish you a very happy and prosperous 2012.

In no particular order (my comments in italics):

1.  SA pupils win International Kids Literary Quiz.

This story from July is about Manor Gardens Primary School in Durban, who not only won the national Kids Literary Quiz (the first government school worldwide to win a national Kids Literature quiz), but went to New Zealand and flew the SA flag proudly by ‘emphatically’ winning the international tournament as well. A fantastic achievement!

Pupils and teachers from Manor Gardens Primary School in Durban, are celebrating after the school’s team won the 2011 International Kids Literary Quiz in New Zealand on 19 July.

Grade seven pupils Alexandra Breckenridge, Matthew Robbins, Emily Spencer and Sarah Herrington represented South Africa in the event, taking on teams from the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand. The annual event tests the literary knowledge of children between 10 and 13.

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