Childern’s Ministry Leaders Summit Vision on Family Ministry in South Africa

Bloemfontein, 9-10 October 2001

A.       The disintegration of families
 Disintegration of families is basicly caused by the breakdown of relationships.

1. The system of apartheid contributed to the disintegration of many families in
South Africa through forced removals, loss of land and migratory labour.

2. Urbanization has broken down traditional family structures.

3. Points 1 and 2 above also led to the breakdown of authority in society and family.

4. Materialism and individualism are destructive to family.

5. Because family consists in relationships, poor relationship skills cause further family disintegration.

6. The lack of focus on families in Churches and Christian organizations as yet another disintegrating factor


B A Theological vision on family life
 Salvation is the restoring of relationships.

1. The family is an important theme throughout the Bible.

2. The biblical understanding of God as trinity emphasizes the relational and family nature of God and so sets a basis for all theological understanding of family.

3. Scripture favours gender equality thus impacting the husband/wife and other family relationships.

4. God deals graciously with people in so-called incomplete family situations.

5. The comprehensive nature of salvation includes family.

6. Jesus has a radically high view of children.

7. Parents are to model biblical ways of relating to children such as love, listening, teaching and obedience.


C. Practical ministry suggestions for family
Effective Children’s Ministry  focuses on family relationships.

1. Children should be enabled to minister to adults as well as adults ministering to children.

2. We need to network in order to help families.

3. There is a need of restoration of broken families as well as the
of healthy families.

4. Family Ministry should be incorporated  in all aspects of christian life:

Fellowship:  intergenerational small groups, family camps
 Worship:  intergenerational worship events
 Service: using healthy families as role models.
Men are particularly needed as rolemodels.
 Teaching:  training, courses, seminars, parenting.
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