Patrick R. Keifert
Professor of Systematic Theology
Luther Seminary
President and Director of Research
Church Innovations Institute
Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

Dwelling in the Word

Luke 10: 1-12

Basic Definitions

Innovating is a process of failure emerging from a Christian imagination and wisdom and leading to a shared positive outcome.

  1. Process; Against the Gap Model; relationships of trust
    1. Competence
    2. Character
  2. Failure: risk taking implies failure; failure implies confession and reconciliation
  3. Emerging out of tradition/ a usable future in your past, catholic and universal
    1. Imagination (poesis)
    2. Wisdom (phronesis)
  4. Leading:  the dimensions of leadership have their grounding more in time than space
  5. Shared: this is a relational business requiring the sharing of risks, failure, imagination within at least four relationships
    1. The sinner with God in Jesus by the will of the Father in the Power of the Spirit.
    2. The Christian with other Christians in a face to face community gathered around Word and Sacrament.
    3. The face to face community with those who they believe God is calling and sending them to serve in mission.
    4. The congregation and the physical environment.
  6. Positive Outcome: The already/not yet of the Reign (space and time) of God

Character, Character, Character

  1. Audience(s) (Pathos)
    1. Family
    2. Inside Strangers
    3. Outside Strangers
    4. Diversity is always particular
  2. 2.    Speech/Act/Message
    1. Jesus is the Gospel
    2. The permanent embodiment of Jesus
    3. Dwelling in the Word; lessons regarding the use of Scripture
  3. 3.    Speaker(s) Leadership/Leadership/Leadership
    1. X moments
    2. Trustees of the Vision
    3. Casters of the Vision
    4. Enactors 
  4. 4.    Spiritual Disciplines and Leading in Change
    1. Anxiety
    2. Fusing and Distancing
    3. Self Define and Stay in Touch
    4. God centered definition
  5. 5.    Dwelling in the Word