Congregations & Public Life:
Discipleship and responsible citizenship
[VBO 25  ]

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Presenters: Nico Koopman and  Chris Jones
Date: 12 – 14 October 2010
Venue:  Stellenbosch

Course description:
This course focuses on our dual calling to be disciples of Christ and responsible citizens in democratic societies. Themes to be dealt with are, amongst others, the nurturing of people with Christian habitus (ie civic virtue and public integrity), sound discernment and courageous action, who contribute to the building of dignifying public habitats (ie societies in which all of life blossom and flourish).

Participants deepen their knowledge, values and skills regarding:

  • the relationship between loyalty to Christ and his reign (Christocracy) and participation in a democracy, ie  between loyalty to Christ and his reign (Christocracy) and participation in a democracy, ie between discipleship and responsible citizenship;
  • the vision, values and obligations of the so-called good society – habitat;
  • the nurturing of discipleship and citizenship in various moral spaces that embodies character, virtue and integrity (wholeness, holiness) – habitus;
  • the deepening and strengthening of processes of moral judgement, moral discernment and practical moral wisdom, in both personal life and public life – moral decisions and actions.