Pat Keifert summaries the day with the following closing remarks:

  • Congregations are seeking the truth and are not shy to speak the truth about themselves. Although this means that these congregations are looking inward this does not restrict them from moving beyond their boundaries.
  • There were many stories on death and new life. The missional movement involves not only new life but also dying. Powerful stories of congregations that is willing to let a old ministry die so that a new community can be born was told.
  • The Word and more specific Dwelling in the Word is a very important part of the missional journey. These congregations show trust in the Word to guide them on the journey.
  • It seems that the stories embrace both discipleship and the sending out of apostles. The stories indicate that these congregations understood that it is not only about creating members, but also the sending of apostles.
  • A large percentage of the stories reflected directly or indirectly on the conversation between URCSA and the DRC.

We are all looking forward to go deeper into the narratives to discern on wht God is doing amongst us.