Written by twenty-one scholars who are also skilled in doing
frontline ministry, this volume discusses the radical cultural shift
that has reshaped North America, one of today’s most important mission
fields, and explores fresh methods for presenting the gospel with
confidence amid the challenges presented by our contemporary context.


George D. Beukema

Stephen Bevans

James V. Brownson

William R. Burrows

Mary Lou Codman-Wilson

Marva J. Dawn

Dan Devadatta

Paul C. Dinolfo

Isaac K. Fokuo

Robert S. Fortner

Douglas John Hall

Walter C. Hobbs

Jon M. Huegli

Stanley K. Inouye

Christopher B. Kaiser

Mary Jo Leddy

Richard J. Mouw

Alan J. Roxburgh

Clinton Stockwell

Craig Van Gelder

Lee A. Wyatt