Prologue:  Eight patterns

This valuable research enables the ministry planning process for churches because the eight patterns are the result of intense strategic theological thinking, based on comprehensive and intensive research. Regard the eight patterns as rocks upon which to build to develop a missionary identity and character.

We believe, and know, that God is working in the congregation. The 3 prioritised patterns are ways in which God’s  work can be seen, and the planning to follow now, aims to align the focus of the congregation with God’s work. Thus we are joining Him at His invitation.

The three prioritised patterns will in future be called focus areas. Please read the two publications  “Missional Churches” and “Treasures in Clay Jars” because it provides valuable practical information. NB  If possible supply each participant with a copy.

The proposed steps are supported by examples:

  • Example of a congregation confession: “We believe in the triune God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  As disciples of Jesus Christ, we will in obedience and dependency, go to whom God is sending us, to minister and lead to a relationship and discipleship with Him.
  • Example of a vision for embodiment: “As a congregation we are co-workers in God’s Kingdom. God is sending us to the illiterate people in the squatter camp to disciple an increasing number and to invite them to become members of our faith community.”
  • Focus area: “Dependency on the Holy Spirit to serve the people of the squatter camp”.

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