Pastors are strategically placed to counter the culture. No other
profession looks so inoffensive but is in fact so dangerous to the
status quo. Their weapon? A gospel that is profoundly countercultural.
But standing firm in today’s world isn’t easy. Powerful forces, both
subtle and obvious, attempt to domesticate pastors, to make them, in a
word, unnecessary.

In this book, two of today’s most respected authors help pastors
recover their gospel identity and maintain a pure vision of Christian
leadership. Marva Dawn and Eugene Peterson reconnect pastors with the
biblical texts that will train them as countercultural servants of the
gospel. Marva Dawn looks to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians for
instruction for churches seeking to live faithfully in today’s world.
In turn, Eugene Peterson explores Romans, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus,
drawing from them the correct view of pastoral identity.