crucifixtion of ministryThe Crucifixion of Ministry. Surrendering Our Ambitions to the Service of Christ

Andrew Purves

IVP. September 2007

Published: ISBN: 978-0-8308-3439-6
IVP Order Code: 3439


Hierdie boekie is ‘n populêre weergawe van Reconstructing Pastoral Theology.  Die basiese argument van die boek is dat ons moeg en uitgeput raak omdat ons nie regtig in die Lewende, Regerende, Werkende Christus glo en op sy teenwoordigheid en werk bou in ons bediening nie. Die titel van die boek is hoopvol. Om ons te red en ons bediening te red, sê Purves, moet die Here soms ons bediening kruisig of doodmaak – voordat ons kan leer om bediening in navolging en in vereniging met Hom te doen.

Coenie Burger

As a pastor, do you ever get the feeling that no matter what you try, nothing much seems to change?

That is because the ministries themselves are not redemptive–they are not up to you. Only Jesus’ ministry is redemptive. Jesus has to “show up.”

Theologian Andrew Purves explores at the deepest level the true and essential nature of Christian ministry. He says that the attempt to be an effective minister is a major problem. Ministers are “in the way.” He radically claims that ministries need to be crucified. They need to be killed off so that Christ can make them live.

Rooting church service in Christ’s own continuing ministry, Purves provides a vision for students and practicing clergy to reclaim the vital connection between Christ and participation in his ministry today, even if it means letting Christ put to death the ministries to which pastors cling so closely.

A radical appraisal for a critical malady affecting the life of the Christian church written in plain, down-to-earth language.

Book Excerpts
 Introduction: Has God Killed Your Ministry Yet? 
 1. What’s in a Name?