The Promis of BaptismThe Promise of Baptism: An Introduction to Baptism in Scripture and the Reformed Tradition
James V. Brownson

Eerdmans 2006

ISBN: 978-0-8028-3307-5

$16.00 Paperback

Ek weet nie van ‘n beter boek, vir ‘n gemeentedominee, oor Doop as Promise of Baptism nie. Dié boek is geskryf aan die hand van 30 vrae oor die Doop  en word in die loop van die boek geantwoord. Dit beantwoord dieper teologiese vrae (bv oor die Nuwe Testamentiese  betekenis en waarde van die Doop) maar ook oor die praktiese  waarmee ‘n mens in die gemeente te doen kry. Brownson is ‘n Nuwe testamentikus van die Reformed Church in Amerika.

Coenie Burger

Christians who otherwise love each other and work together on shared projects and causes nonetheless often disagree on the subject of baptism. Should infants be baptized, or is baptism for believers only? What exactly does baptism mean? What happens, if anything, when someone is baptized? Which is better — sprinkling or immersion? These disagreements are disheartening to some and confusing to many.

The sacrament of baptism from a Reformed perspective is clearly and thoughtfully outlined in this useful book. James Brownson explains the scriptural basis, the theological underpinnings, and the practical implications of this particular element of the faith. Organized into thirty brief, tightly focused chapters — each of which centers on a key question — and enhanced by thoughtful discussion questions, The Promise of Baptism will be an important resource for pastors, students, and laypersons seeking to better understand this sacrament that lies at the heart of the church’s life.

A sampling of key questions addressed:

  • What is a sacrament, and how does it differ from an “ordinance”?
  • What’s the relationship between baptism and being “born again”?
  • How do the sacraments bring God’s grace to us?
  • Can someone be “saved” without being baptized? Can someone be baptized without being saved?
  • Does baptism take the place of circumcision as the mark of the new covenant?