the teaching ministry of the congregationsRichard Robert Osmer
Westminister John Knox. 07/2005
ISBN-10: 0664225470
ISBN-13: 9780664225476

In this important and groundbreaking book, Richard Osmer develops a practical theology of the teaching ministry. He begins by exploring the teaching ministry of the apostle Paul, identifying in Paul’s letters to his congregations the core tasks of the teaching ministry: (1) catechesis; (2) exhortation; and (3) discernment. Next he presents case studies of the teaching ministries of three contemporary congregations, one in the US, one in Korea, and one in South Africa, developing interpretive perspectives on the teaching ministry. Finally he focuses on the development of action-guiding models and guidelines and explores helpful methods for guiding the teaching ministries of one’s own particular congregation.

This long-awaited textbook will become a classic in Christian Education courses in seminaries as well as in Christian Certification courses.