1. Mark Beach – The Ecclesiology of John Tiller – ideal blueprint or concrete reality.
  2. Robert Calvert: Ecclesial patterns among migrant churches in Rotterdam
  3. Rein Brouwer: Rooted in the order of creation: koinonia theologically and empirically
  4. Henk de Roest: Surprised by God at street level.
  5. A practical theological analysis of the theological identity of Dutch street pastors.
  6. Casper van Dorp – Integral youth ministry as model for post-modern congregational development.


  1. Silve Kvamme Bjoerndal – Church in a Secular Society
  2. Pete Ward & Doug Gay: Festivals as Ecclesial Life?:  A study of Greenbelt’
  3. Jakob Thorsen “Have You had Your Personal Encounter with Jesus?”
  4. Methodological Reflections about a Fieldwork among Charismatic Catholics in Guatemala
  5. Erik Borgman: But can we call it Church? How the wrong question produces aporetic answers
  6. Gerben van Manen: Meeting Point for Individuals
  7. The Local Church as Liberating Community round the Word


  1. Erling Birkedal: Congregational development in folk church parishes
  2. Veerle Rooze: Space for Theology, Place for Innovation
  3. Kees de Groot: On sociological preferences in ecclesiology
  4. Jos de Kock – Utrecht: Church being a community: implications for catechesis from an educationalist point of view
  5. Leo Koffeman: Decently and in order
  6. The role of church law in congregational development


  1. Pat Keifert & Pat Ellison: Doing theology in, with, under, against, and for local churches
  2. Theo Hettema:  believe in the WWW church. Ecclesiological Statements of emerging churches on the internet
  3. Andrew Root – Exploring a Forgotten Method of Relating Theology and the Social Sciences: Examining Bonhoeffer’s Sanctorum Communio for its
  4. Theological Interdisciplinary Implications
  5. Gerard Mannion. ‘Negative Subsidiarity and the Clerical Abuse Crisis: Shifting Responsibility for the Sins of the Universal Church onto the Local’


  1. Rothney Tshaka: ‘Towards a more engaging church for the changed and changing South african context’.
  2. Reggie Nel: How does one develop grounded, bridge-building ecclesiologies? A reflection on using the praxis cycle of Holland and Henroit in a small local community, in Johannesburg, South Africa
  3. Paul Collins: What masks does the local church wear?
  4. Theodora Hawksley – “After my husband died…”: Ecclesiological Ethnography and the Hiddenness of God
  5. Daniël Nel – Being surprised by God after an epistemological conversion


  1. Ian Nell: Embodied leadership
  2. Paradigms shifts in the leadership of a local URC Congregation
  3. René Erwich – The impact of the ‘liquid church’ discourse in Dutch evangelical churches. A practical-theological analysis
  4. Theo Pleizier: Sermon-shaped church
  5. Oliver Simon: ‘Ordained Local Ministry (OLM) in the Church of England’


  1. Tom Atfield “Empirical evidence and public theology: The Church of England’s national policy on urban regeneration and the work of local congregations.”
  2. Thomas Schlag: Church, youth and theology – how young people can participate theologically and surprisingly in the development of the Church
  3. Hans Raun Iversen: ‘Pro me in the Age of Authenticity. The Missiological Significance of ‘Christ in us’and ‘We in Christ’.