Liturgy and reconciliation before the Reformation: 60 – 312AD In Church History, including the History of Liturgy, that works with a Protestant perspective, the first 1500 years of Christian history is often negated. Stories about corrupt liturgical practices such as the selling of indulgences and superstition surrounding the celebration of the Mass in the late Middle Ages blur our perspective. Therefor this series of articles takes another look at this era in the History of the Liturgy, and specifically from the perspective of reconciliation. The development of six rituals of reconciliation are described during the periods 60 – 312AD, 312 – 600AD as well as 500 – 1550. Such a diachronic description can help to understand the liturgical changes that took place during the Reformation, and also to help us to better understand our own liturgy. The main aim of this series is however to see which elements were present in the church’s reconciliation rituals during this time, in order to establish whether these elements might be of value in the current quest for reconciliation in South Africa. Laai die volledige artikel in Afrikaans hier af