Liturgie en versoening vóór die Reformasie: 312 – 600 AD

Liturgy and reconciliation before the Reformation: 312 – 600 AD This second article in our series on liturgy and reconciliation covers the period 312 – 600 AD. The same six Christian reconciliation rituals that were discussed in part 1 and were found in the Christian liturgy, as well as in para-liturgical settings in this era, will be described. With reconciliation as lens these rituals are scrutinised in order to establish the areas around which reconciliation rituals took shape. Such areas might be useful for the liturgia condenda in a post-apartheid South Africa and liturgy. Some concluding remarks regarding the value of pilgrimages and saints in the quest for reconciliation rituals in a post-apartheid South Africa is also made. In part 3 the above mentioned areas will be highlighted and discussed in more detail.

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