Short background information with regards to the Heartlines series “Hopeville” which is scheduled to be broadcasted on Tuesdays 19:30 SABC 2, is now available. As well as a couple of sermon sketches on 8 possible values which we think are going to be carried in this series, a sermon series on Nehemiah by Peter Langerman and the Bible Study by Heartlines on Nehemiah (to be ordered from www.heartlines.org.za.

The sermon series and Bible Study is not meant to be used together, although it could be used together fruitfully. Because we haven’t seen anything of the series beforehand, we identified 8 values which we reckon are going to be dealt with in this series. We don’t know which value is going to surface strongest in which week, therefore pastors/spiritual leaders must decide for themselves on which value they’re going to focus in which week.

These documents are available at the following links:

Sermon sketches on values
Sermon series on Nehemiah – Peter Langerman
Bible Study on Nehemiah: Can be ordered from Heartlines www.heartlines.org.za; tel 011-771 2551

Thanks a lot to everyone (from the different churches) who made a contribution to this “package”, and who is going to use it. May it be blessed!

Hopeville series