AIM South Africa (AIM-ZA) is hosting a BAM Café at the Hofmeyrsaal Foyer in Stellenbosch on Monday 22 May at 9h00.
We would like to expose Christian business & sports people to the opportunities there are to impact the un-reached of Africa with the Gospel and bless their respective communities with their business & entrepreneurial skills. For most of these Creative Access Nations (CANs) , the traditional way of sending cross cultural workers is not possible.
We have invited a consultant to businesses in CAN areas, Walt M, to be the speaker at our first BAM Café. He will explain the concept of Business as Mission and the opportunities for South African Business people in various areas of business like tourism, agriculture, import & export, educational services etc. We do not use full names of the speakers because of the sensitive nature of their work.  For sports people, come and hear how X-fit is being used to reach the un-reached.
Gerhard Pietersen  our new director will host the event.
It is important to RSVP for catering requirements. We don’t want you to miss out on your cup of coffee!

RSVP: Marlene at Marlene.
See the invitation here: Event invite-BAM 2

Together for the Kingdom
Marlene G ( CX mobiliser)