Toolkit for Integrating Developmental Assets Into Your Congregation kan afgelaai word by http://www.search-institute.org/congregations/thriventpartnership/toolkit
Dit sluit oa die volgende in:
1. Asset-Building Foundations for Christian Congregations
2. The Important Role of Congregations in Building Assets
3. Reports and Articles for Deeper Understanding and Sharing
4. Getting Started with Asset Building in Your Congregation
5. Asset-Building Strategies and Presentation Resources for Congregations
6. Growing Asset Builders in Your Church and Community
7. More Resources
8. Handouts 1-12: Training
9. Handouts 13-17 and 22: Program and Evaluation
10. Handouts 18-35: Asset-Building Ideas for Many Audiences
This Toolkit for Integrating Developmental Assets in Your Congregation has been made possible through Search Institute’s support in 2005 from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. This kit includes some content adapted from Integrating Asset Building into Love INC Ministries. Portions of the toolkit are excerpted or adapted from previous Search Institute publications and are used with permission from Search Institute. The following are registered trademarks of Search Institute: Search Institute® and Developmental Assets®. Used with permission of Search Institute. All rights reserved.
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